Corporate Team Building Events

Team outings are a splendid way to facilitate bonding, reduce employee stress, and increase team camaraderie and collaboration.

At VR World, we are can provide you and your team members with Free Roam Virtual Reality experiences that are both fun and challenging. Place your colleagues in our VR escape room or execute a military mission to defend a city from zombies, and see their problem solving and communication skills put to the test by these exciting, fun and immersive challenges.


Ideal for teams with up to 6 members, VR escape rooms are fun, memorable and push participants cognitive and collaborative skills to the limit.


If you would like to have food and drinks(non-alcoholic) and a special space to relax and discuss you pre and post VR experiences, then we can arrange this as well, for groups of up to 20 individuals.

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or Email – [email protected]